Monday, August 18, 2008

Nephew of the Bride

This will be the first of many pictures I am sure. Last weekend was Jen's (Drew's sister) wedding at Wood River Winery. It was an amazing ceremony performed by none other than my husband, Drew. He did a fantastic job. Brody watched from the sidelines as his mom walked in the wedding party and his dad married Jen and Geoff. It was a beautiful wedding. Of course, I left my camera at the party and have yet to find it. Hopefully I will have more pictures to share....but for now here is one from the photo booth.

Boise was beautiful (as always) and we can't wait to get back home!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Doctor Visit

Well, today was Brody's 4/5 month check up. He is supposed to go at 2 months/4 months/6 months and so on. We are a little late with the 4 month appointment because tomorrow he is 5 months old! We went to the Pediatric clinic on post. The nurses were wonderful and I really liked the doctor. He did not have any major opinions and was very laid back. He was also great with Brody. Brody even showed off for him. He showed the doctor that he could roll over, scoot and giggle. The doctor was impressed. He said Brody is doing fantastic and is a very healthy boy. He also said he was growing perfectly and eating well.

Weight-16 lbs/50th percentile
Height-26 inches/50th percentile
Head circumfrance-didn't catch the # but he was 48th percentile