Monday, April 4, 2011

The Challenge

Drew has challenged me to a shopping game. Well kind of...

We currently are spending $800-$850 a month on groceries! My boys are 1 and 3 and eat oatmeal, cereal, peanut butter and the little one nurses! I don't cook anything that exotic so how in the world are we spending so much every month! This does not include eating out or household (well maybe some diapers here and there).

So, the challenge is to decrease our spending on groceries. Whatever I save this month in groceries I get to split. Half of the savings will go to debt the other half I get to spend on whatever I want.

I have taken polls from other households with 2 kids. Other moms have said they spend way too much. Generally the consensus has been between $500-$800 with everyone going over their budget. to reduce spending on groceries?

Here are a few thoughts:

Buy bulk
Eat seasonally
Eat leftovers (yuck)

My goal:

To spend $100 a week $400 a month for the month of April.
That would be $450 less than what I spent on groceries in March.

This is going to be a challenge...


karla said...

I am all for saving money but your health and the boys health come first. I know you will take care of their health...But what about you? We think first diapers must not count. Next, bulk would help but then it is important not to make any excess food since you do not like leftovers. Third, plan meals based on the food in the pantry, freezer and refrigerator. Coupons and groupon is another way, comparison shopping and buying things you use and like alot on sale. Group cooking parties and freeze. When making comparisons to others be sure you keep in mind that the younger the kids are the less they eat like adults which cause an increase in cost, and it makes prep a little tedious. Just so you know I am only luke warm on this challenge, but here are some ideas.

The Myklegards said...

Great ideas! That is exactly what I started doing. And yes, I am eating leftovers. Do not worry about my health. I have never, ever skipped a meal (not on purpose anyways).